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  1. 26th May Whilton Mill is there a link and does anyone know how much enterence is on the gate?
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  3. Who can we contact over a stand for the West Yorkshire group at light water valley, would like to try book a stand for the group before the deadline any info would be appreciated.
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    phone number etc in RN page 7
  5. Hi Everyone

    Hope you don't mind me posting, but I wanted to let you know about a Charity Motor Show (formerly the Charity Race Experience) taking place at Snetterton on the 17th of November and this seemed the best place to post?!?!?

    The Charity Motor Show offers passenger rides around Snetterton Race Circuit in classic, performance, track, race and supercars (and even trucks) with a Motor Show and Car Club exhibits and Trade Stands! The passenger rides start from just £15, with only £10 entry per car and all proceeds are going to charity.

    For those motor enthusiasts looking to see the newest models, several local dealerships will be exhibiting, and driving around the circuit on the day!

    All the information is on our facebook page and our website is

    If your car club is interested in attending, please email: or register the club on

    If you are not interested in attending, I'd really appreciate it if you could like our facebook page and share the event with your friends, as we are trying to raise as much money for charity as possible - last year we raised an amazing £41,000 on the day.

    Thanks :)

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