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  1. Gizmo

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    21st April Central Santa pod
    12th May Cumbria
    19th May Knockhill
    26th May Whilton Mill
    8/9th June Croft
    23rd June Cornwall
    6th July Castle Combe
    21st July National Day
    28th July Lightwater Valley

    Some Provisional at this time
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  2. Hello all i would have put The list up but was told not to untill it had been confirmed but looks as if its fine so as above but hope to have 2 more shows to add to the main list

    9th September south east show
    Plus I would like to see a show in Wales once again but if this can not be sorted the Oxford group are willing to put on their great show again but as said need to work things out

    But hope to get the role at the AGM in a few weeks time then I will be able to full comit to it all

    Cheers dunc
  3. Hi, I'm interested in going to the show in Cornwall, any idea where in Cornwall it will be yet. Thanks
  4. 0630154


    Can we have a updated list please .
  5. Any news on the Oxford show? Family really enjoyed the day out at the wildlife park last year
  6. Black Cat

    Black Cat RSOC Member RSOC Member 33476

    It's in Wadebridge at little bodieve holiday park.
  7. billiam

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    nope sorry mate not this year.

    we did say we would stand in if needed, lack off shows.

    very glad to see you and your family enjoyed our show, we should be back next year. :)
  8. Thanks mate. :thumbsup:
  9. Hi do we get any discount for camping and entrance for Santa Pod?
  10. hi, is this list correct as i notice the cumbria day is 12th May?? This is a sunday! I am sure the last time it was a saturday? I ask because a friend says its on fri sat sun?
  11. spike


    lakes tour sat mate ;)
  12. 0630154


    Lakes tour is on the Saturday , but the static rsoc show takes place on the Sunday ,

    Even in the past it has been on the bank holiday Monday .
  13. Lightwater valley?? Which group is this?
  14. Probably have a drive out for this one :s:
  15. The Riponers group :D
  16. andy s

    andy s RSOC Member RSOC Member 48382

    Does anyone kno who organises the show in Cornwall in June
  17. Black Cat

    Black Cat RSOC Member RSOC Member 33476

  18. jacdjc


    Is there anymore info on light water valley show yet? Some of the club have been asking about it.
  19. spike


    is there a link for the witton mill show?

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