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  1. D7AKE

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    Hi all,

    A bit of an update from me.

    We have been overwhelmed with car clubs this year, Iam awaiting some more hangers so if your local group has recently applied then you shall be recieving your passes shortly.

    If you have booked a while ago then please get in touch using this number 07958233706

    Track space still available.

    Anyone interested in doing charity rides, as in taking people around combe in your car then please get in touch.

    Any other info needed please use the combe hotline or check out facebook or

    Kind regards

  2. Any pic of the layout so we can see where our stand is, we got light blue hangers.
  3. mark richardson

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    Asked a question via the coombe website but not sure how often that is used.
    Just wondering what rules are being applied as regards club members on club stands but in an ST not an RS - is this being allowed at this show or not?

  4. From history Mark it's always been a no from looking at the Stands. My lot have been told to ride shotgun if they are RS less.


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