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  1. Croft Track time for sale

    Hey all, i booked the full day at croft on june the 6th, however my car has decided its not going at any cost.... im really trying to recover some of my money. So if anyone wants my full day of track time, (should be in the intermediate group) please let me know, i paid 160, will take 100 just to get rid of quickly.

    Many thanks, Andy
  2. Jay P

    Jay P RSOC Member RSOC Member 14139

    Hello mate, you sent me a PM but you have not put your name on it, as you can imagine, there's more than one Andy booked on. You need to sell and rebook a track place through me as I will not have the persons name who buys the place so they will not get on track. I have PM'd you back this morning and await your name. I've left you my phone number on the PM so you can get in touch with me quicker via text or phoning, whichever you find easier.

    Cheers, Jay:thumbsup:

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