RSOC National Day

Welcome to the 2015 Ford RS Owners Club National Day Area

Sunday 19th July 2015

This years event will once again be held at Donington Park which allows both a traditional show to mix in with noisy track action!

The detailed plans are currently being drawn up so please check back here regularly but what we can say is that there will be a big push from everyone to ensure the local groups are well represented and this year we'd also like to see even more other visiting car clubs so we can get to see some other interesting cars, chat to their owners and share our enthusiasm.

We have a few anniversary's this year with the Cossie 3Dr, the RS1800 Mk2 and the RS200 so you can expect something special from these owners.

The children's area will once again be provided for free from the entrance fee so your young ones will be entertained and under 16's get in free.

We have split this year into Human Entrance fees and Car Entrance fees to try and level the playing field. There will be some people who find this costs them slightly more but for many this will make it a cheaper day out for the whole family as ALL car parking is £5 and ALL admission is £10 (or £15 on the day).

Remember you can park outside for free but hoping that you will bring your car inside Mum, Dad and 2 kids (under 16) will cost just £25 to get in with a car full of four 16 and overs just £45.

We are waiting to hear back from Vicky Butler-Henderson who was great on the Mic last year but we can confirm Paul Swifts team are booked and we are going to try something different with them this year to get you all more involved.

We have the MSA working with us to do something special and Mountune in discussions as to the part they would like to play.

M-Sport are on our list of phone calls to firm up some plans but Malcolm did say he wanted to get involved again.

We have the normal concours d'elegance area as usual but this year we want to try and push the show and shine area for those who have driven up and we have some special plans for the indoor paddock suite this year to bring some life to it.

That's about it for the moment until we have some more confirmations in but rest assured, the team of volunteers who make this day work are burning a lot of midnight oil currently.

On-line ticket sales have started as of today in line with the magazine arriving and we had 2 track entries in the first 4 hours which is a promising start. We expect to send these out in the post around 10 days before the event.

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