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We have created this area here outside of the main forum so that those not signed up can still learn about the valuation options that might be available to them.....

This information is taken from a post in the paid members area where there has been some discussion...

In summary the post says:-

For valuations on any RS model, please follow the instructions below

No valuation can be undertaken if your car is not on the model register, you have not spoken with the registrar to discuss the valuation and you have not taken out the HPI report through the club office.

(and of course to have your car on the register you need to be a paid up member! -

To place your car on the model specific register;
  1. Contact the club office to obtain a form which will be posted/emailed to you.
  2. Fill out the form and enclose a minimum of 4 colour photographs of your car. This must include 1 of each side, 1 under the bonnet and 1 of the interior.
  3. All information and photographs are held in strict confidence and will not be released without the owners permission
Vehicle Valuations

RS Owners Club members can have their car valued by the registrar. The car must be first recorded on the register (see above) after that please follow the steps below;
  • Contact your registrar (by phone) first to discuss your car and arrange a date to value your car. You can find their contact details in the club magazine. You can bring your car to the registrar or it can be valued at one of the shows where your registrar will be attending or another registrar may be able to view your car.
  • Once a date has been arranged for a valuation, please purchase your HPI by following this link
  • The HPI must be dated no longer than 28 days in advance of your valuation being carried out, this ensures valuations are based on the recent and complete information.
  • On the day of the valuation, please ensure you have all relevant History for the car available.
  • After the valuation, your registrar will issue you with a Valuation Form and be happy to answer any questions you may have.
For Owners who's car is already registered with the club

To ensure your vehicle's record on the register is kept up to date, for this your registrar will need your help. Please send a copy of the MOT certificate for your vehicle each year plus any updated images. This will help speed up the valuation process for you in the future as your registrar will already have the latest information.
If you move house, change contact details (mobile / email etc) them please let the registrar know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so they can update the register and also you need to make sure the membership computer is updated else you won't get your magazines or renewal emails -

As with the all registrars, we all work, as such when calling please do ask if it's a convenient time to speak, if it isn't we'll get back to you when we can.


HPI Check

HPI Check for use prior to an RSOC Valuation or purchasing a new vehicle.

A copy of your HPI will be emailed to you.

If purchased for a valuation, your Vehicle Registrar will also receive a copy. This valuation must be completed within 4 weeks of purchase. Please check with your relevant registrar first, before making a purchase to check for their availability.

Note, HPI checks may take up to 7 days to process.

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