RS Local Group Shows

Shows are a great way for local groups from all over the country to meet up, in many different venues all over the UK.

Local Groups really are the backbone of the RSOC and you can expect at their shows traders, concours and of course all attending local groups put on their own display!

Each show is run by the local group members with help, support and guidance where needed from the other club members including the commitee.

At the concours competition you will see some of the best kept RS's in the world with competitors amassing points over the year and winning Gold Cups at the last show of the year.

All club supported events are co-ordinated through the local group committee member contactable on


Sun 9th June
Sun 16th June
Sun 23rd June
Sun 30th June
Sat 6th July
Sun 7th July
Sun 21st July
Sun 4th August
Sun 1st September
Sun 15th September