Escort Mk1 RS2000


Produced : 1973-74
Engine cc : 1993
Engine bhp : 100
Top Speed : 108mph
0-60mph : 9s

The Escort RS2000 was the last car to be introduced to the AVO production range, introduced in the June of 1973. The car fitted nicely into the AVO range with its performance almost comparable to the complex RS1600, but with the reliability and ease of maintenance as the Mexico.The original name for the car was to be the “Puma”, but it was decided to keep with the RS tradition and so it was re-named the RS2000.The car used the same type 49-body shell as the Mexico and RS1600. Fortunately, there was a new engine in use at ford, the 2-litre overhead cam pinto design, which Ford then decided to use instead. Fords then had the major problem to persuade the new bulky pinto engine to fit into the engine bay, which was something it had never been meant to do. The only way of achieving this was by discarding the engine driver cooling fan and replacing it with a thermostatically controlled Kenlowe fan. The engine produced 100bhp (2bhp more than in the Cortina).The gearbox was the German type e-box and was totally different from the RS1600. They used a final drive of 3.54:1. The car was launched in England on 11th October 1973 priced at �1586.It was claimed that the first 2000 cars were built between the June and September of 1973, and were reserved for the German market, which is why British buyers could not get hold of the cars until the October of that year.Although group 1 homologation was achieved (5000 units built) it is now accepted that around 3500 RS2000 cars actually left the production line at Aveley. It has been claimed however, that over 1000 cars were produced on the Ford production line at Saalouis in Germany, although no solid evidence of this is to hand.The early cars were fitted with the superb German scheel seats, but these were replaced with Fords own RS cloth seats for the British market.At the AVO factory Ford built 4 Mexico estates, with one of these being later converted into a RS2000 estate by the request of Charlie Reynolds. To our knowledge this car still exists and is located in Bristol.
The AVO factory was closed in December 1974 to make way for the development and manufacture of the MK2 escort.
Mk 1 Escort RS 2000 Specification

4 cylinder in line. Cubic capacity 1993cc (121.6cu ins). Bore 90.82mm (3.58in) . Stroke 76.95mm (3.03in). Compression ratio 9.2:1. Power 100 PS (DIN) at 5750rpm. Torque 107lb/ft at 3750rpm. Single overhead camshaft belt driven. Overhead valves. Five main bearing crankshaft. Alloy sump, bolted to clutch housing

Engine Lubrication
High efficiency mechanical pump. Full flow oil filter with renewable element. Capacity of system 6.7 pints (3.9 litres) including filter.

12 volt system, ballast resistor coil.

Fuel System
Mechanical pump. Electrical fuel gauge. Tank capacity 9.0 gallons (41.0 litres).

Cooling System
Thermostatically controlled electric fan. Pressurised. Capacity of system 12.2 pints (6.9 litres)

Single selector rail shift, four speed synchromesh gearbox, cable operated diaphragm clutch 8.5 inch diameter . Gearbox Ratios: 1st 3.65: 2nd 1.97: 3rd 1.37: 4th 1.00: reverse 3.66. Overall ratios: 1st 12.92: 2nd 6.974: 3rd 4.85: 4th 3.54: reverse 12.96.Final drive 3.54:1. 18.7mph per 1000rpm in top gear.

Heavy duty body. Steel integral construction, safety glass all round with laminated windscreen. Two doors with anti-burst door locks. Air extraction vents below rear window. Single tone paint finish. Two alternative styles of decorative striping. aluminium grille with black painted centre. Chrome rear bumpers and front quarter bumpers. Choice of six body colours.

Rear Axle
Timken type axle. Semi floating, hypoid final drive. Axle ratio 3.54:1. Located by two radius arms.

Front Suspension
Independent coil springs, McPherson strut incorporating double acting hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers, stabiliser bar.

Rear Suspension
Live axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs. Double acting telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers. Radius arms

Dual line braking system. Front – disc brakes, diameter 9.625in (24.45cm), swept area 191.0sq in (1,230.0sq cm). Direct acting vacuum servo assistance. Rear – drum brakes, diameter 8.00in (20.32cm), swept area 75.4sq in (485.5sq cm). Direct acting vacuum servo assistance.

Rack and pinion. Three spoke flat sports steering wheel with padded imitation leather rim and with collapsible convoluted can steering column. Diameter, 14in (35.6 cm). Turning circle (kerb) 29.7ft (9.054 cm).

Wheel and Tyres
Styled steel sports road wheels two tone paint, 4 stud fixing, 5 1/2in rim width, 13in diameter, 165SR x 13, radial ply tubeless tyres.

Electrical Equipment
Two 7in diameter round, sealed beam 55/55w quartz halogen headlamps with combined sidelights. Separate direction indictors below headlamps. Twin tail light assemblies incorporating direction indicator flashers, rear lights, brake lights, brake warning lights and reflectors. Reversing lamps, Luggage compartment light. Rear number plate illumination light. Door operated courtesy light. 35amp alternator. Pre-engaged starter motor. Dual horns. Battery 12 volt, 58 amp hour at 20 hour rate. Fully fused system.

Binnacle in front of driver containing speedometer (with odometer), tachometer, battery condition indicator, fuel, oil pressure and water temperature gauges. Warning lights for ignition, oil pressure, main beam direction indicators and heated rear window.

Small safety rocker switches for side / head lights, heater fan, windscreen wipers four way hazard and heated backlight. Starter / ignition switch. Direction indicators, main and dipped beam, headlamp flasher and horn operated from single control stalk mounted on steering column, Floor mounted, foot operated windsheild washer and wiper.

General Equipment
Heated rear window, two speed windscreen wipers with anti lift aero foil on drivers side. Windscreen washers. Washable plastic black headlining. Padded fascia top and front of collapsible parcel shelf. Fitted interior carpets. Luggage compartment mat. Fully reclining individual front bucket seats with anti-tip device. Fabric upholstery. Remote floor mounted gearshift. Safety styled door handles and window winders. Breakaway stem dipping rear view mirror. Ashtray in fascia, rear ashtrays in side panels. Two padded, safety, sun visors. Aluminium scuff plates to door sills. Heater and demister. Face level ventilation system, vents in fascia combined with demister nozzles. Cigar lighter, two rear grab handles with coat hangers and one front without hanger.