RS Timeline

1968 – New Ford Escort range released January – featuring the Escort Twin-Cam
1970 – Ford Escort RS 1600 released Jan, Escort Twin-Cam still in production
1970 – 50 lightweight Ford Capri RS2600 AKA (plastikbombe) produced
March 1970 – production of lightweight Ford Capri RS2600 completed
April 1970 – 1st production Capri RS2600 manufactured at Niehl
Sept 1970 – The Escort RS Mexico, assembly starts at new AVO factory South Ockendon, Essex
Nov 1971 – Twin-Cam engine production finishes Spring
1971 – Ford Capri RS2600 major changes applied
October 1972 – RS1600 cylinder blocks changed to Aluminium. Capri RS2600 facelift introduced Autumn
1973 – Ford escort RS2000 released (LHD)
Jul 1973 – RHD RS2000 (RHD) introduced, production begins almost immediately
Oct 1973 – 250 Ford Capri RS3100′s produced at Ford Halewood
Nov/Dec – 1974 Assembly of MK1 Escort ended, AVO factory closure announced. End of Capri RS2600 production
1975 – Preview of Escort RS1800
Jan 1975 – The Escort RS2000 is previewed
Mar 1976 – Ford’s Official January launch of MKII Escort RS2000
1977 – Escort RS1800 production ended Autumn
1977 – MKII RS Mexico assembly ends, Escort RS2000 revised into Custom & Base models
Sept 1980 – End of an era for all rear wheel-drive Ford Escorts
July 1980 – New Ford prototype design of RS1700T begins at Boreham
Oct 1981 – Ford Capri RS 2.8 Turbo, fitted by Technics, AKA Turbo Technics production started
Oct 1981 – RS1600i previewed Sept, LHD versions on sale shortly after
1982 – Ford Capri RS 2.8 Turbo ends 200 units built since 1981
Sept 1982 – The Ford RS1600I goes on general sale, in UK Oct in RHD
1983 – Ford cancel the RS1700T project Mar, Summer end of production of the Escort RS1600i
1984 – The Series 1 RS Turbo is Previewed Oct , Goes on general sale at the end of year.
1985 – The Series I RS Turbo ceases production.
The uncertain demise of the never to be Escort 1700T project had left a gap in Group B rallying. Stuart Turner set out to develop a car for the category – RS200, designed in house by an Italian designer, the Ford RS200 was viewed as ugly, however the years have changed many peoples views saying it was most beautiful rally car ever built.
1986 – The Sierra Cosworth was Launched, The next generation Series II RS Turbo released Sept.
1987 – The Sierra RS500 as launched
1988 – The Sierra Sapphire Cosworth was launched
1990 – End of production for the Escort RS Turbo series 2, A productive year for Ford the next gen Escort RS2000 & Escort RS Cosworth released, 4×4 version of the Sapphire Cosworth available
1991 – The Escort RS2000 greatly approved goes on sale Nov
1992 – Ford Escort RS Cosworth goes on sale in May
1994 – Ford release Escort 4×4 RS2000, LHD form Mar , July release in UK in RHD
1994 – New small Turbo RS Cosworth announced May
1994 – 4×4 RS2000 on sale in the UK (RHD) , old shape escort mk 5 slowly phased out July
1996 – End of an era the Ford Escort RS Cosworth finally ceases production Jan
1996 – Ford Motorsport only announce Escort World Rally Car (WRC) announced Nov
1996 – Final Escort RS models- RS2000 & 4×4- discontinued in Dec
1998 – Last ever appearance of Ford Works Escort WRC in RAC rally Nov
1998 – Ford Concept RS Cosworth Focus goes on show at Geneva Motorshow Dec
2001 - Focus RS Mk1 launched at Geneva Motor Show
2002 - First Focus RS Mk1's delivered to customers
2003 – Ford still driving on the debut of 2003 Acropolis Rally, the WRC Focus wins on its 3rd trip ever out Jun
2009 - Focus RS mk2 launched
2010 - Ford launch a limited edition matte black wrapped Focus RS500
2015 - Ford announce the intended launch of a much anticipated 5 door, 4wd 350hp Focus RS mk3
2016 - Focus RS mk3 hits the showrooms