2018 Concours Logbook

Again this year, the RSOC is running a series of concours competitions at regional shows across the country to allow members to show off their cars, and be judged against the competition. This will follow the same principles as in previous years, which has evolved into several levels to cater for varying standards, rather than being model specific.

The simplest way to think of concours, is the like show and shine, but in a lot more detail, and covering more than just the obvious parts that are on show. Because of this, a good show and shine car I would be a good start, but not a requirement. Remember, for concours, perfection is the target, not the requirement. To win, your car doesn’t need to be perfect, just better on the day than the others in the same class as you! (I do not know of anyone that shows that would describe their RS as perfect, as good as they can get it, maybe, but not perfect. There is always something to improve on.)

Some of you may be put off by showing against trailered cars. Don’t worry, trailered cars are restricted to certain classes for that very reason. Also the Novice classes are only open to people and cars new to concours, so you have somewhere to start, with others who are in a similar position.

All cars in the main will be judged on condition & cleanliness. When being judged prepare to be picked up on anything that isn’t in perfect condition and free from any type of dirt etc. In addition to the outside (bodywork & Wheels/Tyres) and engine bay, the interior is also a critical area that is judged, that it is easy to lose or gain points on. When preparing your car, its best to put yourself in the mind of the judge, and try and look at what you could be knocked down points on.

There are several classes to cater for the range of vehicles, for 2018, these are defined as follows….

The following 4 categories are split into 4 classes each, dependent on the vehicle model/age you are showing. These are old school / ’81-’01 non Cosworth / post 2001 and finally Cosworth.

The separation is there to give all people a chance by showing against cars of a similar age / level of complexity.

1. Novice Category – All cars must be driven. – Cars are marked out of 200 points

For those looking at showing for the first time, the usual suggestion would be to enter the relevant novice class. That way you will be showing with others that are still reasonably new to showing. Don’t worry about the underside of the car, as that isn’t even on the judging sheet! Cars in this category will not be judged in that much detail. However, if recent years are anything to go by, as the show season goes on, the judges end up having to get pickier in order to separate the cars!

2. Intermediate Category – All cars must be driven. - Cars are marked out of 600 points

The next stage on from Novice. It is judged on the same areas as novice, but in more detail from day one. Again the underside is not judged, so there is no need to worry about that yet.

3. Advanced Category – All cars must be driven. - Cars are marked out of 900 points

This class includes the underside, also extra points are awarded for either how standard or how modified the car is. The reason for additional points being for one or the other is to cater for the two main groups of owners, those who aspire to a highly-modified car, the more the better, and those who aspire to have a car just as it left the showroom, as perfect as ford originally wanted it to be.

4. Expert Category –Trailering is permitted. - Cars are marked out of 900 points

This is judged to the same guidance at Advanced, but with the persons entering being able to trailer their cars.

The reduction in classes from previous years was down to poor attendance in these classes. This meant that at most cars shows, cars were entering the competition at several shows, but without any competition to compete against.

What to do next?

Although each show can be treated as a single event in its own right with presentations for 1st and 2nd in each class, there is also a presentation at the end of the season. This is to award the 'gold cup's'. These are awarded for the car that has achieved the best results in each class during the season based on a points system. These 'gold cups' are presented at the same time as the sought after, 'overall gold cup' for the car that has had the best results irrespective of class.

To show, and be legible for a gold cup, you will need to apply (either in advance, or on the day) for a concours log book. In essence this is a permit to show, that your results are recorded on from show to show. Without one, you can still show in novice, and claim novice trophies at shows, but you won’t be legible to win a gold cup at the end of the year. (Also a log book will get you free entry to some shows!)

The log-book itself contains details of you and your RS, a copy of the rules, a list of shows during the season, and finally, inside, blank judging sheets, in order to give you a better idea of all the areas that you will be judged on.

Concours Rules 2018

1. Only 50% + 1 show will count towards the overall show season

So for a season of 10 shows, only the best 6 results will go towards the gold cup, if you get to 6 wins, then you must have beaten the person in second place. 1st place at a regional day = 8 gold cup points, 2nd=6 points, 3rd=4, 4th=3, 5th=2 and 1 point for anywhere else.

2. You need to enter at least 3 shows to qualify for a class trophy (gold cup)

Gold cups are awarded to those that have achieved multiple achievements, at events though the year. Awards are presented at each show anyway, but the gold cups are for those that are committed (or should be committed)

3. There is only 1 logbook per car

Once a car starts showing in a class, for consistency it should continue to show in that class at regional days until the end of the season.

4. Novice class is only for people with 2 or less year’s concours experience. Persons that have won a gold cup in the past 5 years or cars that have won a gold cup in the past 3 years are excluded.

Novice was introduced to encourage those new to concours, or those that have gone rusty (the person, not the car)

5. Trailered cars are only allowed in the Expert classes. Anyone who in found to trailer illegally will be banned for the season.

If you think you will want to trailer to a regional day throughout the year, make sure you are in a class that permits it. There is nothing saying in Expert that you have to trailer, but if you want to you can, unlike the other classes.

6. There can be no joint placing at shows or for gold cups

In the event of a tie for gold cups, (or the overall gold cup) a countback on judging sheet points will be used.

7. All cars must be judged, even if showing alone

See rule 6. It might be that 2 cars both do 3 shows each, so both have 3 wins. In this case the points scored will be taken into account.

8. Non log book holders may compete in novice class on the day, as long as they satisfy the requirements and hold a valid membership card. They can claim trophies, but not claim points towards the gold cup.

Novice was created to give people a taster of concours. By opening it to non-log book holder’s, gives people the opportunity to give it a go on the day, without any commitment.

9. Unless otherwise stated, Judging will commence at 12 noon at every regional show. The only cleaning permitted after this time will be for the removal of dust / rain water etc. from exposed areas of the car in order to maintain the standard it was when judging commenced.

Just because someone is judged first (or last) does not mean that they should have more preparation time to get their car ready.

10. Wheels may not be changed in Novice or Intermediate class at the show.

While changing wheels and tyres is understandable in certain cases, e.g. standard cars, still running on original tyres, the Novice and Intermediate classes there for persons whose cars are still used.

11. Proof of ownership is required to show your RS.

As this is the RS Owners club, the car you are showing must be one that you, as a member own. Therefor, proof of ownership (V5) and proof of membership (membership card & corresponding photographic ID, such as a driving license) should be taken to every event, and made available on request.

12. The Category an RS is shown in, shall be determined by the concours co-ordinator

This is to push members to show in a class their car is suitable for, rather than letting them hog a class, putting off others.

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