We love our Trade support and we continue to offer our FREE TO TRADERS offer.
*subject to a refundable deposit, based on your advanced requirements.

Whilst we do take a deposit in advance, this is refundable after the event on request as long as you…

  • attend the show
  • put the space to good use promoting your business
  • comply with the rules of the venue
  • comply with the requests of the organisers
  • leave the area tidy when you are done

Stands are 6m deep and can be for widths of either 4m, 8m, 12m or 16m

4m + 1 vehicle + 1 general admission = £25 deposit
8m + 2 vehicles + 2 general admissions = £50 deposit
12m + 3 vehicles + 3 general admissions= £75 deposit
16m + 4 vehicles + 4 general admissions= £100 deposit

There is a request box that can be used if you require anything different, e.g, you have booked a 16m plot for 4 vehicles, but only require a 10m wide plot. Or of you wish to be parked next to someone else. etc..

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