DVLA V55/5 / V765 Inspection to also include Reconstructed Classics

Prior to taking out this service please discuss the requirements with the Senior Registrar who can confirm if the service would be available for your model of car. The inspection and report service is a chargeable non-refundable service to be paid in advance of any inspection*. The vehicle to be inspected has to be presented to the relevant registrar at an pre-arranged agreed time and place for inspection at the owners own risk and cost. The inspection will provide the basis of the report. We will endeavor to provide an honest report from the vehicle/information supplied and our experience. However payment for the service may not guarantee ultimately a favorable outcome from DVLA.

Timescales to complete this service may vary due to inspections and other commitments of the registrars involved. However we will endeavor to complete this process as quickly as possible.

Please note, the service is not available for the Mk1 Escort vehicles.

* The inspection fee includes the time for the registrar but not any expenses incurred (travel etc) which should be discussed with the registrar in advance.

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