Parking –

All cars parking inside the venue cost £5 regardless of where you want to park, this is a deliberately low price to encourage you bring your cars and to park inside the venue as we do not suggest leaving cars outside the venue where they are often out of sight.

For 2017 each RS car entering the show will receive a £5 voucher to use on merchandise or membership at the show.

Some parking permits can only be purchased by use of a unique password that has been given to the organiser of that area.

RSOC Members Only
Anniversary Display
Local Group ***
Show and Shine
Valuation Area
RS Cars for Sale

Other Parking
General RS
General NON RS
Visiting Car Clubs ***

Support Vehicles
Pit Area Support Vehicle
Concours Support Vehicle
Trader Support Vehicle
(not required for vehicles used to transport cars holding a valid pass into the venue)

Disabled Parking
We need to plan space but your £5 is refundable from within the paddock suite

*** Password required to book - Please ask your local group chair/organiser for your the stand password

Parking Options:
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RSOC Member?
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