North Yorkshire Regional Day 2005

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  1. Our show is booked for June 12th 2005
    at Lightwater Valley as usual its our TENTH ANNIVERSARY
    next year and hope for the same support and more as in previous years... We´re gonna
    do summit special..
    dont know what yet like but it´ll be a good party folks..:thumbsup:
  2. Kevin

    Kevin RSOC Member RSOC Member 19748

    Usually is good jason
    look forward to it.
    how,s the dog?? kev
  3. Havent seen the little tw*t for a week Kev
    im still in spain right now been on holiday
    Benidorm, back tonight be at AGM tomorrow
    had a week of peace from Kev, Kev if you know what i mean.. Did´nt name him after you by the way... LOL.

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