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Mk5/6 RS2000 The Champ is back

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Default rs2000 i4 or focus st170 engine????

hi there, just wondering what the maximum bhp is obtainable from the i4 engine, and what it all involves, at the moment i have a collins power chip, and fse boost valve. im contemplating putting in a focus st 170 engine and modifying it, if anyone has done this, i would be grateful for any knowledge for this conversion, cheers pete

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it would be a hell of a lot of work to fit the focus engine, and i think it would ruin the car.

the rs2k engine is quite tunable but like any n/a engine is expensive.

if you wanna go crazy like the maxi kit cars, they used to run 285bhp from the 2.0!!

on boddies with no other engine mods 190bhp is realistic.

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2.3 Conversion on standard inlet can get you about 180-190 but with shed loads of torque.

2.3 and bodies will see the nice side of 200bhp
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