RS 200
"Ford's Group B Rally Car"

Some Pictures on these pages are take from the Duke Video range
of videos with their kind permission.

Once the Escort 1700T project had been closed group B rallying was the place to be in 1984. Ford motorsport under Stuart Turner set out to develop a total new car for this category of rallying.

The RS200 appearance was designed in house, although a Italian designer had put up design for this car. Many peoples views at the time were that the RS200 was ugly, over the years people have change that view to one of the most beautiful rally car built. 

The power plant was taken from the 200 units developed for the RS1700T and redeveloped to a new spec. The bodywork & chassis were constructed from Steel, Carbon fiber & Kevlar and was contracted to Reliant (Yes, the people who make the Robin 3 wheeler), thank to their knowledge of composite materials. 

The windscreen was taken from the Sierra bin, keeping it in styling with the current range of Ford cars. Tickford were contracted for trim & develop the road car.

Once Group B rallying was closed a lot of the RS200's went into Euro & UK Rallycross and ended to be one of the most successful cars.

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